Why Are My Shingles Wavy?

Having repairs done to the roof can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to be left asking questions once the work is completed. So why do your shingles sometimes look wavy after installation?

While it’s normal for shingles to be wavy for the first few days, any Saint Paul roofing contractor will advise that they should lie flat afterward.

If you notice the shingles still out of shape after a few days, there may be a bigger problem you need to handle. Here’s what causes wavy shingles, along with advice on finding a trusted roofing company in St. Paul to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Improper Installation

When shingles are installed incorrectly by a roofing company, St. Paul contractors know it can cause more problems. Shingles are fasted to plywood underneath, but if that plywood isn’t fasted correctly, it can lead to warping.

The best St. Paul roofing contractors know to cover up your shingles to protect them from the elements when installing a new roof. This ensures that expansion doesn’t happen until after everything is safely installed.

Wind Damage

Good roofing companies in St. Paul understand how strong winds can damage a roof – even properly mounted shingles may suffer from high winds. Shingles can be knocked over and torn off, especially if they aren’t fastened correctly. This can make them uneven or wavy, which can lead to further damage to the structure.

Your roofing in Saint Paul should be prepared for wind damage – but if strong winds damage or bend your shingles, you’ll want a local expert ready to perform a free inspection.


Sometimes, through no fault of the St. Paul roofing contractors, manufacturer defects happen. This may result in a faulty roof section that can be replaced, often at no additional cost. 

Search for a roofing company in St. Paul that will offer this kind of service so you get what you deserve. This gives you a new roof that will protect your home and family from storms and harsh weather year-round without emptying your pockets for repairs. 

How To Choose A Professional Roofer

When you search for roofing, St. Paul, MN, has many options, but some are better than others. You’ll want a team of professionals that puts your needs first – here’s how to find one.

What To Look For In Reviews

A roofing company in St. Paul should have plenty of favorable reviews from verifiable customers. To find a trustworthy contractor, check the reviews for high ratings, but also check the low ones. Genuine reviews left by customers often include personal testimonies or specific examples.

Too many high ratings can be a sign of a scam. Likewise, don’t take every negative review as an absolute. Search for patterns in the reviews to determine the legitimacy of the company.

Competitive Pricing

Experience is important, but so are the company’s values. Going with the cheapest option can result in shoddy work, but the most expensive service doesn’t guarantee the best craftsmanship, either.

Shopping around is the best way to compare rates and get the service you need. 

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