Common Types of House Damage In Winter


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Minnesota winters can be brutal in many ways, including to your home. With the freezing temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snowfalls, winter in Minnesota can be a perfect storm when it comes to weathering your home, and sometimes the winter weather can even result in damage to your home. Here are some of the common types of winter damage that homes in Minnesota can experience in winter to know about: Roofers Lake Elmo MN

Roof Damage

One of the most common types of damage that occurs to Minnesotan homes in winter is roof damage. Roof damage is most commonly caused due to ice dams or icicles, heavy snow accumulations on your roof, and even from meltwater from snow and strong winds from winter storms. Roof damage can have dire consequences for the rest of your home, especially in winter, which is why it’s important to do what you can to protect your roof in the winter so that roof damage is less likely to occur.

Siding Damage

Another common type of damage that homes in Minnesota tend to endure during the winter is siding damage. While less common, siding damage can occur in winter due to a variety of different causes. The weather extremes, ice, and snow can oftentimes lead to your siding potentially cracking, experiencing moisture or water damage, or even having loose or broken panels due to winter storms. If your siding is damaged or missing panels, it can result in a whole host of issues for your home, and the damage will only worsen and become more extreme with time, especially in winter, when further freezing, moisture exposure, and weathering are inevitable.

Gutter Damage

Lastly, gutter damage is also quite common in winter as well in Minnesota. Ice dams and large icicles have a tendency to form on gutters and can cause major gutter damage in winter. Moreover, heavy snowfalls can also burden your gutters and cause them to become warped or dislodged potentially. Moreover, winter storms can also damage your gutters as well, especially if strong winds are involved or if a tree branch or some other type of debris falls on them.

If your home has experienced any kind of damage this winter, then you should have a professional general contractor near Lake Elmo MN, like North End Contracting, repair or replace your roof, siding, or gutters for you.

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