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Roof Installation Minneapolis MN

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Roof Installation Minneapolis Mn

Sooner or later, every roof will need a replacement. Even the most durable types of roofing materials won’t last forever. In the St Paul MN area, storms are nothing to sneeze at. Hail damage, roof leaks, and high wind damage are all too familiar for Minnesota homeowners. Roof damage is stressful to deal with, and the team at North End Contracting strives to take as much of that stress out of the process as possible.

Some of the most common signs of damage can be seen from the ground. If you notice missing or broken shingles after a storm, give us a call right away; you could save yourself from more costly repairs down the road. Water damage is a natural result of neglected roof repairs, and that can get expensive fast. The sooner you act to repair or replace your roof, the better.

Need New Roof Installation?

If your roof is past a certain age, it becomes more cost-efficient to replace the whole thing than to keep making smaller repairs. Asphalt shingles, which are the most common roofing material used on residential roofs, break down and lose their effectiveness after 20-30 years. Even under perfect conditions, they won’t be useful for much longer than that. If your roof is more than 20-30 years old and has never been replaced, give us a call for an inspection. Chances are, it needs some attention.

Damage from storms can be expensive. Even a new roof might not fare well in a storm, and older roofs certainly won’t. If your asphalt shingle roof is on the older side and a storm rolls through, don’t wait to call our roofing team for an inspection. It may be time for a complete roof replacement — or extensive repairs at the very least. Installing a new roof may have a higher upfront cost than smaller repairs, but could save you money in the long run.

Professional Residential Roofing Services

If you’ve ever had roof work done before, you know the benefits of having an experienced roofing contractor on your side. The team members at North End Contracting are your local roofing experts, and we’re committed to helping you keep your home safe at an affordable price. With decades of experience working in construction and a passion for keeping a roof over our neighbors’ heads, you can count on us to be upfront and honest with you throughout the process.

North End Contracting is proud to work with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. We know our way around the insurance claim process, and we’re more than happy to help you navigate it. We’ve done hundreds of roofing jobs over the years, and we’re experts when it comes to storm damage claims.

Experienced Local Roof Installation Service

Roof Installation Near Me Minneapolis Mn

North End Contracting has been in the business of roof replacement and repair for 30 years. We’ve handled all types of roof repair, and we’re comfortable saying we’re among the best in the business. With affordable prices and a team of dedicated residential roofing contractors, we’ll make the entire roofing process go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re looking for a skilled team of contractors with a dedication to first-class services, we’re just the roofing company for you. Give us a call to get started!