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Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Spring

Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Spring

Has it been a long time since you last replaced your roof? If so, then you may want to consider replacing your roof this spring. There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your roof this spring–here are just some of them:

Winter months can cause cracks and leaks in your roof

One reason why you should consider replacing your roof this spring is because the cold winter months can cause cracks and leaks in your roof due to freezing water expanding. As the ice melts, it widens the crannies and crevices that were already present in your roofing material, which can cause leaks. This is especially true if you roof is old or has already sustained some kind of damage.

Hailstorms can damage your shingles and cause leaks

Another reason to consider replacing your roof this spring is because hailstorms tend to be prevalent during spring as well. Hailstones are known to crack asphalt shingles, cause them to curl up and lose granules, dent metal flashing and gutters, and create holes in the roof. Any of these conditions can cause leaks. When water makes its way through weaknesses in your roof caused by hail, it can soften and deteriorate the wood sheathing under your shingles. This can result in rot throughout your entire roof structure over time.

Spring is the best time to replace your roof, because it’s the driest season

As the weather begins to get warmer and drier, a lot of homeowners are doing some spring cleaning. Some are working in the yard, others are cleaning out their closets, but you should also be looking up at your roof. Spring is a wonderful time for roof replacement for several reasons.

  • Temperature: If your roofing company has to tear off the old layer of shingles before putting on new ones, it’s best to do this when the temperature is warm but not hot. While the sun is shining down on your home when making repairs or replacements, we don’t want it melting or warping anything. The air temperature while working on your home can affect how well everything adheres together as well, so keep that in mind when planning any repair or replacement jobs this spring.
  • Rain: There are days in spring where it rains more than others, but these showers tend to be quick and followed by sunny skies again soon after. So, if you’re looking to install a new roof on your home, then now would be the perfect time to do so.

The best time for a roof replacement is spring!

Replacing a roof is a big job, and it’s best to handle it before the summer storm season hits. Spring is the driest season of the year, which means that if you need to replace your roof, you can get it done faster than during any other season. If you’re planning on replacing your roof this spring, keep in mind that since it’s an optimal time for replacing roofs, there may be a wait between when you contact a contractor and when they can start your job. Don’t hesitate to call soon—the earlier you plan ahead, the better!

If you’re not planning to replace your roof right now, but are still worried about potential damage from upcoming storms, then consider asking your local roofing contractor for a roof inspection. Spring is also a prime time for roof inspections: since many contractors have been fixing damage caused by winter storms over the past few months, their schedules are wide open for an inspection in early spring.

If you’re in need of any roofing or siding services, including roof damage or storm damage inspections, then don’t hesitate to contact North End Contracting today and have the best roofing contractors in Roseville MN come to your home and inspect your roof.

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Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Spring

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