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Things That Are Ruining Your Roof (Part 4)

What Causes Damage to your Roof

Do you have any concerns regarding your roof’s condition? Since it protects you and your family from the weather, your roof is an important part of your home. That is why it is critical to maintain the condition of your roof so that it can continue to do what it’s supposed to. There are a few things to be aware of that may cause damage to your roof, so you can inspect it as needed and many any necessary repairs or replacements. Here are a few factors to keep in mind that could lead to roof damage: What Causes Damage to your Roof

Man-made Mistakes

Many individuals are unaware that simply walking on a roof might shatter their roof shingles. If you need to walk on your roof for any reason, make sure you wear appropriate footwear and adequately distribute your weight. Or, even better, get experienced roofers to complete the job for you. Even simple actions like stringing Christmas lights or fastening something to your roof can cause shingles and gutters to be damaged. Minor nicks and dents in your roofing material can also quickly worsen, especially if moisture is present.

Poor Repair Jobs

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of bad DIY roof repair advice on the internet, and it is advised to avoid DIY roof repair and instead hire qualified, licensed, and insured roofers to repair your roof for you instead. Those that perform unqualified roof repairs frequently fail to address the source of any roof leaks that may be present. Moreover, a professional may be required to repair the damage caused by the poor repair job as well as locate and fix the source of the leak.

Bad Roof Design

Unfortunately, some houses are simply built with poor roof designs. A home’s overall vulnerability to the elements might be exacerbated by design flaws. Even if you have superb roofing materials installed properly, you may not receive as long a life from a home with a poorly planned roof. Those who are building a new home should discuss with their architect how their roof design will address the climate’s concerns.

If your roof has been weathered by a major storm or showing signs of storm damage, then feel free to contact your local roofing contractors near Stillwater MN at North End Contracting today.

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Things That Are Ruining Your Roof (Part 4)

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