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What To Do If You Have Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | What To Do If You Have Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN

Does your home have storm damage in Stillwater MN? If so, here is what you should do and NOT do when you have storm damage:

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | What To Do

1. DO have a professional roofing contractor do a storm damage inspection of your property prior to filing a damage claim if you have storm damage in Stillwater MN (unless, of course, the damage is obvious). Insurance companies waste a lot of time and money investigating frivolous and fraudulent claims, which, in the end, end up costing us in the form of increased rates. A real storm damage professional can tell you if you have a legitimate claim or not.

2. DO be totally honest and candid in dealing with your insurance company. Insurance fraud is a serious problem and honest people are valued and appreciated by the insurance adjuster and company, which typically yields a favorable settlement. No one likes to be scammed

3. DO get roof repairs/siding repairs or a roof replacement/siding replacement done if you have hail damage or storm damage in Stillwater MN. Property owners who pocket the money and don’t do any repairs are at a HUGE risk. If another storm damages the same property, any/all repairs that were previously indemnified and not conducted are not eligible and will NOT be covered.

4. DO hire a professional storm damage contractor who can manage your damage claim, and take care of any roof repairs/siding repairs or roof replacement/siding replacement services you may need if you have storm damage in Stillwater MN. General contracting is a lot of work and time-consuming, especially for novices or typical property owners. Your time is valuable, and typically the amount of money you may be able to ‘save’ if you attempt to do your own repairs is not worth the effort. The other problem is that, unless you are an expert with lots of experience, chances are great that your claim will not be fully indemnified, or even approved for that matter.

5. DO seek professional help if you get in over your head, your claim is denied, or the process is stalling. Professional roofing companies, general contractors, and public insurance adjusters know how to expedite things and get results.

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | What Not To Do

1. DON’T ever feel guilty about filing a storm damage claim – you have paid your premiums for years, maybe even to the same company. This is why you have insurance: so that you don’t have to to pay out of pocket when you have hail damage or storm damage in Stillwater MN.

2. DON’T let anyone talk you out of filing a claim. If someone kindly makes you aware that your rates may go up or you could even be dropped if you file a claim, they are not looking out for your best interest (provided you have legitimate damage, of course). It is illegal for insurance companies to raise the rates of or drop someone who is insured for filing a claim after experiencing catastrophe or major storm damage in Stillwater MN.

3. DON’T forget to file for depreciation. While many people think that the depreciation set on a claim is non-recoverable because there are policies with that stipulation, over 90% of property owners receive full coverage and are entitled to the remainder of the money (depreciation) that is withheld from the claim total.

4. DON’T just take the word of any contractor that shows up at your door after a storm. Companies that ‘chase storms’ are NOT bad guys, and, on the contrary, are extremely useful and legitimate. However, strong consideration and actual telephone calls to verify/validate the quality and timeliness of their work, ability to work with your insurance carrier, etc. should always be done first before you hire a roofing and construction contractor to repair your storm damage.

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | Contact Us

If a recent bout of bad weather has caused storm damage to your roof or siding, our team at North End Contracting can help you determine the severity of damage and provide the roof repair/siding repair and roof replacement/siding replacement services you need. Contact North End Contracting today to schedule a FREE onsite inspection of your storm damage in Stillwater MN.

Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | North End Contracting LLC

If you are looking for a quality, licensed roofing and construction contractor in Stillwater Minnesota, you have come to the right place. North End Contracting offers:

Contact us if you would like us to repair or replace your roof or siding, do snow and ice dam removal, or help with damage claims.

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Storm Damage in Stillwater MN | Our Service Areas

North End Contracting offers services in the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota, including:

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What To Do If You Have Storm Damage

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