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Do I Need A New Roof?

Roof Damage in Roseville | 8 Signs You Need A New Roof

Your roof is an important part of your house, and, on average, it should be replaced every 20 years. Having a professional roofing contractor do a roof inspection and assess your roof’s condition and roof damage in Roseville is the best way to determine if you need a roof replacement or need to install a new roof. Here are 8 signs that it’s time for you to replace your roof: Roof Damage in Roseville

Roof Damage in Roseville | Loose or Breaking Shingles

If you see spots where shingles are missing or you find shingles laying on your lawn, you should immediately call your local roofing company for a roof inspection since there is a possibility that your roof could have exposed wood or cracks that could result in roof leaks and water damage. Roof Damage in Roseville

Roof Damage in Roseville

Roof Damage in Roseville | Water Spots or Water Damage

If you have water spots or signs of water damage, there is a pretty good chance that you have a leaky roof, or even worse roof damage in Roseville, which can turn into a major problem if you don’t repair your roof or replace your roof immediately.

Roof Damage in Roseville | Warped or Discolored Shingles

Do you see any sections of your shingles that seem a little off?  The most common cause is discoloration of your shingles or warping shingles. If you have discolored or warped shingles, then it’s time to start thinking about installing a new roof soon.

Roof Damage in Roseville | Buckling Shingles

Roof Damage in Roseville

If your shingles are buckling or becoming dislodged, then that means you are in need of roof repairs or roof replacement in the foreseeable future.

Roof Damage in Roseville | Rotting Shingles or Moldy Shingles

You can tell if you have rotting shingles when you see some that resemble the skin of the “walking dead zombies.” Moldy shingles or mossy shingles will also be apparent just from looking at them. If your shingles are rotting or have mold and/or moss growing on them, then that’s a sign that you need to replace your roof as soon as possible.

Roof Damage in Roseville

Roof Damage in Roseville | Old or Outdated Roof

If your roof seems to be on its last legs and it’s been a long time since you’ve last replaced your shingles or have had your roof installed, then you should consider installing a new roof soon. The average lifespan of a roof is around 20 years, so if your roof has lasted longer than 20 years, you’re due for a roof replacement in Roseville MN in the near future.

Roof Damage in Roseville | You’re Moving Soon

Are you thinking about selling your home?  If so, then having a new roof or a recently replaced roof will increase your curb appeal and add value to your house.

Roof Damage in Roseville

Roof Damage in Roseville | Contact Us

If you’re thinking of installing a new roof for your home, our team at North End Contracting will provide you with a dependable and affordable roof replacement. Contact North End Contracting today to schedule a FREE onsite inspection of your roof damage in Roseville MN.

Roof Damage in Roseville | North End Contracting LLC

If you are looking for a quality, licensed roofing and construction contractor in Roseville Minnesota, you have come to the right place. North End Contracting offers:

Contact us if you would like us to repair or replace your roof or siding, do snow and ice dam removal, or help with damage claims.

We also offer FREE storm damage inspections!

Roof Damage in Roseville | Our Service Areas

North End Contracting offers services in the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota, including:

Minneapolis | St Paul | Eagan | Lake Elmo | Maplewood | Shoreview | Roseville | White Bear Lake | Stillwater | Woodbury | Minnesota

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Do I Need A New Roof?

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